Delmar Systems Announces New Staff Promotions

Delmar Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce two promotions within the Engineering group based in Delmar’s office in Houston, Texas. John Shelton, P.E. will assume the role of Vice President of Engineering. John has been with Delmar for 12 years and has led the overall advancement of Delmar’s technical services....Read More

Jon R. Murphy Joins Delmar Systems

Jon R. Murphy has joined the Delmar Systems, Inc. global business development team. Based out of Delmar’s engineering and subsea office in Houston, Texas, Jon will be focused on strengthening and developing Delmar’s relationship with existing and potential new clients. Jon has over 30 years of experience in the oil...Read More

Delmar Receives Customer Satisfaction Award

Delmar Systems, Inc. has received the highest ranking in the category of Mooring Services in EnergyPoint Research’s annual customer satisfaction survey. This Customer Satisfaction Award is presented to a top-ranking company that has excelled in providing the oil and gas industry with exceptional customer service. Each year EnergyPoint surveys qualified...Read More

Delmar Uses Rig Anchor Release (RAR) Technology on GoM Rig

Delmar Systems, Inc. has completed mooring operations and successfully installed Delmar OMNI-Max® anchors with InterOcean’s proprietary Rig Anchor Releases (RARs) on each of the eight preset mooring lines on the semi-submersible MODU ENSCO 8503. The OMNI-Max and RAR preset system was used to save critical path rig time during disconnect...Read More

InterOcean Systems, Inc. joins Delmar Systems, Inc.

The ownership of Delmar Systems, Inc., a worldwide supplier of offshore mooring and subsea services, announces an expansion of products and services with the acquisition of privately owned InterOcean Systems, Inc. InterOcean will be operated as an affiliated entity of Delmar. Since 1946, InterOcean Systems is the leader in the...Read More

Delmar Quick Release Technology Saves Critical Rig Path Time

The proprietary Delmar Quick Release (DQR) was successfully installed and activated on a traditionally moored semi-submersible MODU in the US Gulf of Mexico. Eight DQRs were installed in an offshore mooring system and deployed for over 160 days in approximately 7800′ of water. The DQR was used to save critical...Read More

Delmar Welcomes New Team Members

Delmar Systems, Pty, Ltd announces two new team members who will be based out of the office in Perth, Australia—Mark Mithran and Gopi Chillamcharla. Mark Mithran joins Delmar as Lead Marine Engineer. Mark holds a Master of Oil and Gas Engineering from University of Western Australia, specializing in offshore engineering...Read More

Delmar Releases Risk Assessment Software

Australian First Risk Assessment Software Delmar is answering the call for better risk assessment software in Australia with the launch of ConStatAU™. This new technology allows operators to better understand and potentially avoid risks offshore. The ConStat risk assessment software is an automated program that allows operators to survey up...Read More

R4 Grade Subsea Connectors are Now Available

From Delmar Systems comes a breakthrough for high MBL mooring systems. The Delmar Subsea Connector (DSC) with new R4 grade metals increases load capacity by up to 2,400 kips from the former R3 version. The new R4 DSCs are scalable based on mooring load and range in size from 1,510...Read More

Another Successful Subsea Project Completed

Delmar recently installed nine subsurface buoys in 5,600 ft in the Gulf of Mexico for a floating production facility. These buoys were installed in-line to support approximately 900 tons of subsea hardware, enabling the tieback to the Spar. All nine subsea buoyancy modules were installed by free-flooding the equipment, lowering...Read More