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Temporary and Permanent Mooring

Temporary and Permanent Mooring

Delmar Systems applies our mooring and offshore installation expertise in a consulting and management role for permanent production facility projects, drilling projects, and offshore construction. Delmar can provide project management services from initial FEED / concept through detail design, fabrication/procurement, to final offshore execution.

For temporary mooring projects, Delmar provides all required services from preliminary planning through permitting and installation in the field including:

  • Anchor Handling Vessel (AHV) Selection
  • Preset or Conventional Mooring Design and Layout
  • Mooring Analysis Report
  • Anchoring Solution Specification and Analysis
  • Location Specific Risk Assessment
  • Regulatory Meeting Support – Globally
  • Rig Move Coordination and Installation
  • Installation Analysis Report and Installation Procedures
  • Engineering Field Support
  • MODU Equipment Rentals
  • Specialized Installation Personnel
  • Drilling Schedule Input based on Mooring Equipment and Vessel Requirements

For permanent facility and specialized offshore construction projects, Delmar provides project management and required services from the initial project kick-off, all the way to offshore execution of the scope of work. Some of the services Delmar provides in the offshore permanent facility mooring and offshore construction are:

  • Field Architecture Planning
  • Floating Facility Concept Selection
  • Mooring System Design
  • Anchoring Solution Design, Analysis and Fabrication
  • Off-Vessel Mooring Equipment Specification and Procurement
  • On-Vessel Mooring Equipment Specification and Layout (Tensioning, Fairlead, and Stopper Equipment)
  • Equipment Delivery Management (PO through final FAT, Commissioning and SIT)
  • Mooring Analysis (Strength & Fatigue) for Class and IVB Approval
  • Installation Vessel Selection and Contracting
  • Equipment Marshalling and Storage
  • Specialized Installation Equipment Design and Fabrication
  • Installation Analysis
  • Offshore Installation Procedures (pre-installation, hook-up, replacement, removal)
  • Full Offshore Construction and Mooring Crews
  • Offshore Installation Management and Technical Support
  • Disposal of Old / Damaged Equipment
  • Mooring Equipment Inspections (On and Off-Vessel Equipment) and Asset Integrity Management

Temporary and Permanent Mooring?