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About us


Delmar Systems is the trusted partner to most offshore energy industry’s leaders, delivering innovative and customer-focused anchoring and mooring solutions. We are committed to the highest standards of safety, integrity, and respect to the environment. We are proud of our legacy and impeccable track record, always delivering value in everything we do.


    Our Vision
    To provide total mooring solutions for any offshore asset, anywhere, anytime, all incident-free.

    Our Mission
    To be the premier offshore mooring company that is recognized and trusted by our clients in the energy, aquaculture, and infrastructure industries for providing safe and efficient operations, innovative mooring equipment and design, and world-class personnel.

    Company Vision, Mission and Values Statement



    Safety and Environment
    “We will conduct our business in a safe and efficient manner with a focus on reducing our environmental impact.”

    Client Satisfaction
    “We will partner with our clients to understand their needs, then work passionately and tirelessly to exceed their expectations.”

    Employee Focus
    “We will recognize our employees for their achievements and promote their excellence.”

    “We will be inspired by challenges and innovate to provide the best solution for our clients and industry’s most complex challenges.”

    “We will conduct our business with integrity to earn the trust of our colleagues, clients, and industry.”


    Our commitment to customers is unwavering and we continue to develop our services and expertise in line with their requirements. A key feature of this is our investment in our team, ensuring we provide the highest standards of technical expertise and practical operational experience. As a result, our geographic spread is becoming increasingly broader and our capability for expansion into new business streams continues.

    Our international teams share common standards and deliver a consistently high level of service and competency, working closely together to provide around-the-clock response covering five continents. We understand that many projects demand wide reaching support from multiple locations and our teams’ expertise in coordinating these multinational operations allows us to respond quickly and deliver consistently, integrating specialist local knowledge throughout.


    Risk and safety are inherent to every aspect of the marine and offshore environment. Our divisions have access to an innovative, multi-skilled team of experts to develop and implement methods and tools to identify, evaluate, quantify and mitigate risks, in order to make the offshore world a safer place.

    In our mission to provide unparalleled excellence and technical expertise, we promote an exemplary safety culture, based on quality and a drive for continual improvement.

    The offshore industry demands unprecedented levels of safety management and quality control and we meet these through accreditation under ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

    Under the guidance of inspired safety management leadership, we implement rigorous risk reduction processes to safeguard the welfare of all parties involved in our business. You can trust us to better improve your performance, safely.

    Health, Safety, and Security Policy

    DNV ISO 45001:2018 Certificate

    More info:
    Peta Munyard, Global HSSEQ Manager



    Welcome to Delmar Systems – Committed to Transparency, Ethical Business Practices, and Due Diligence

    At Delmar Systems, we uphold the highest standards of ethics, transparency, and due diligence in all facets of our operations. Our commitment to transparency aligns with the Norwegian Transparency Act, which aims to promote fundamental human rights, decent working conditions, and public access to information.

    Our Commitment to Transparency and Due Diligence:

    1. Full Compliance with the Transparency Act: Delmar Systems is dedicated to complying with the Norwegian Transparency Act, effective July 2022. We recognize the importance of conducting due diligence to prevent and address any negative consequences stemming from our operations, supply chain, and other business relationships.
    2. Due Diligence Process: We undertake a systematic due diligence process to identify and evaluate potential impacts on human rights within our own business, with business partners, and throughout our supply chain. This dynamic and ongoing process is designed to ensure accountability and respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions.
    3. Ethical Guidelines: Delmar Systems has adopted ethical guidelines, integrated into our policies and management systems. We are committed to conducting our business in alignment with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, working diligently to prevent, mitigate, and account for any negative impacts associated with our operations, supply chains, and business relationships.
    4. Annual Reporting: Delmar Systems will produce an annual report detailing the assessments and findings made during our due diligence process. This report, following the principles of responsible business conduct, will be available by June each year.
    5. Engagement with Stakeholders: We believe in fostering collaboration with all stakeholders, including employee representatives. Our commitment to due diligence involves a continuous dialogue with employee representatives to address issues related to equality, non-discrimination, work conditions, and more.

    If you have any inquiries regarding Delmar Systems’ adherence to the Norwegian Transparency Act, including our due diligence practices, please contact our Managing Director Jørund Havnerås at All inquiries should be submitted in writing, clearly stating your identity and whether you represent an organization or business.

    Thank you for choosing Delmar Systems, where transparency, ethical conduct, and due diligence are integral to our business practices.