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For over 50 years, Delmar Systems has delivered innovative solutions that have increased safety and efficiency across the offshore mooring and subsea industry.

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Why Choose Delmar

In operation since 1968, Delmar Systems leads the world in developing safe and efficient offshore mooring systems for the greater energy industry. Each employee is empowered with the knowledge to create unparalleled solutions with our sophisticated technology.

  • 50+ years of experience

    50+ years of experience

  • Award-winning products

    Award-winning products

  • Highly trained personnel

    Highly trained personnel

  • Largest equipment inventory

    Largest equipment inventory

  • Engineering solutions

    Engineering solutions

  • Global reach

    Global reach

Delmar system offshoring technology for mooring services.

Industry Experts

  • 400+ subsea installations

    400+ subsea installations

  • 750,000+ incident-free man-hours in past 2 years

    750,000+ incident-free man-hours in past 2 years

  • 1,000+ rig moves

    1,000+ rig moves

  • 6 continents & 5 oceans of reach

    6 continents & 5 oceans of reach

In The News

Reducing the Carbon Footprint and Costs of Offshore Drilling Campaigns for DP/Moored Floaters

Delmar’s Releasable Mooring Systems (RMS) can save you thousands of tons in CO2e and millions of $USD using the award winning RAR Plus. The savings indicated here are comparing a DP/Moored rig operating on a traditional preset mooring system with and without the Delmar RMS. These savings are achieved through eliminating the need for Anchor Handling Tow Supply (AHTS) Vessels, MODU critical path time, and associated fuel and CO2e reductions during MODU mooring disconnection. Two AHTS vessels are used for disconnection in case 1 and four AHTS vessels in case 2 for the system without the Delmar RMS, both common scenarios in the North Sea. Additional information can be found in the Delmar whitepaper “Reducing the Carbon Footprint and Costs of Offshore Drilling Campaigns for DP/Moored Floaters”.

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Delmar System’s Successfully Completes 200th Mooring Line Release Using the RAR Plus Releasable Mooring System

HOUSTON, TX. – Delmar Systems, Inc. successfully completed the 200th mooring line release using RAR Plus Releasable mooring System (RMS) on Odfjell’s Deepsea Atlantic semi-submersible drilling rig in the Barents Sea. The rig disconnection was performed in an impressive one and a half hours without needing AHTS vessel assistance. The Deepsea Atlantic is currently under contract with Equinor until April of

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