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Maximizing Rig Move Efficiency for Releasable Mooring Systems

Delmar’s new seafloor safe fiber rope maximizes the rig move efficiency gains from releasable mooring systems, plus provides all the traditional design performance benefits of fiber in MODU mooring systems.

Traditional fiber rope mooring systems can require significant operational planning and supplemental buoyancy to prevent contact with the seabed and the associated soil ingress integrity consequences. Delmar’s seafloor safe fiber rope is designed, tested, and approved by DNVGL to allow for static and dynamic contact with the seabed without damaging the load-bearing fibers. This is achieved through a unique jacketing and filtration design proven through a rigorous dynamic soil ingress testing procedure performed by DNVGL on behalf of Whitehill Manufacturing. Supplemental buoyancy requirements are therefore minimized and operational efficiencies are maximized during prelay, rig connection and disconnection activities especially when paired with Delmar’s proven RAR Plus releasable mooring system technology.


  • Certified by DNVGL for static and dynamic seabed contact
  • 165mm 900 tonne minimum breaking load with torque-neutral 4x4 polyester construction
  • Individually jacketed subropes with 5µm filtration plus overall rope jacket for ultimate soil ingress and abrasion protection
  • Integrated color-coded damage indicators for quick and reliable integrity assessments in the field
  • Integrated maximum load indicators for overload protection and recertification monitoring
  • Allows for prelay of entire mooring line, including the fiber rope segments thus saving rig time during the connection
  • Eliminates the requirement for supplemental distributed buoyancy to maintain clearance with the seabed during connection and disconnection
  • Allows for releasable mooring systems to fall to the seafloor without damage to or needing to recertify the fiber ropes
  • Compliments the Delmar releasable mooring system by further reducing AHTS vessel and rig time during mooring operations


RAR Plus Benefit Analysis

Used every day by many of the world’s major operators and drilling contractors, Delmar’s RAR Plus technology has saved millions of dollars and reduced NOx and CO2 emissions. With 500+ deployments and successful, non-assisted releases, the Rig Anchor Release (RAR) technology is proven and reliable.