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Asset management

State of the art asset management services

The integrity of Delmar's asset management is represented through the quality of our processes, procedures and resources as well as our competent and trained personnel and the continuous improvement through the lifecycle of our assets. We implement stringent maintenance requirements for our assets and fulfill a stricter inspection regime than required by our regulatory placeholders. We recognize the risks related to mooring operations and invest to reduce the risk for failure, and monitor the condition and performance of our assets.

Delmar's Asset Management is acknowledged for our unique equipment marking and identification system, it is straight forward, yet revolutionary in the sector.

We find that the most beneficial innovations are often the simplest. Our patented electronic marking bands are positioned where they are easy to spot and read. These bands include data matrix codes in addition to the printed equipment ID to ensure complete traceability and easy identification of all our equipment. The benefits this provides on HSEQ issues are myriad as the risk of misreading identification information is close to zero. Use of the ID bands impact positively upon safety and efficiency as less effort and time is needed for equipment handling. Our bands have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers and have satisfied the increasing industry focus since introduced to the market.

Key benefits:

  • Accurate data captured from planning to mooring line documentation 
  • Full traceability of all equipment though the entire lifecycle
  • Reduced operational time during pre-lay operations and rig moves
  • Increased QHSE levels for the personnel involved in the operation


Delmar employs a team of experienced logistics personnel and utilizes the best available IT systems crucial to fulfilling our equipment tracking requirements.

Since our equipment has been marked with a unique ID number, we are able to trace the equipment history back to production batches and unique serial numbers of every single component and trace all movement and usage days for keeping track of re-certifications and maintenance schedules. Our unique tracking system is set up in a way that makes it impossible to use one component ID on more than one location simultaneously.

We also provide a website to our customers so that they also have access to view all drawings, documentation and status of each component in the mooring system. We ensure that our staff and all of our clients have access to the information they need when sourcing the required, high-quality equipment for the most demanding assignments.

Inspection & Maintenance

Delmar, like our customers, understands the benefits and value of protecting and maintaining assets. Not only do we invest in the highest quality equipment available, we also ensure that it retains that high quality through the most stringent maintenance routines, requirements and rigorous inspections.

All of our equipment is maintained with care and inspected with precision to ensure the integrity expected by our customers for every operation.

Our base facilities include large in-door and outdoor storage areas, maintenance shops, paint shops, inspection areas, spooling devices and other specialised equipment for handling and maintaining mooring equipment.

Delmar offers inspection of all mooring components in accordance with class requirements in DNVGL-OSS-101/102 and API-2I. 

We offer:

  • Inhouse experienced senior surveyors 
  • Level 2 certification for MT and UT inspections 
  • Latest technology and inspection methods available
  • We work closely together with our clients and class authorities
  • Electronic based inspection reporting system, providing all involved parties access to reports during inspections
  • Final documentation completed and electronically available instantly after the inspected asset leaves the inspection area
  • Documentation of all abnormalities with pictures before and after any corrective action has been performed
  • Electronic spooling/inspection reports of wires and fiber ropes, stating condition of equipment, including pictures of abnormalities