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Equipment Procurement

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Equipment Procurement

Thanks to our substantial supply of tested-and-true products and long-standing relationships with foundries, forging facilities, fabrication yards, testing facilities, and global shipping and customs agents, Delmar Systems is well-equipped to bring added efficiency to any permanent mooring project around the globe. From repeated work installing mobile offshore drilling units and other long-term facilities to enhanced sound engineering capabilities, we have the experience you need for your project to be a success.

Delmar provides equipment procurement services and on-time, low-cost delivery options when you’re shorthanded and lack the personnel or expertise to order equipment. We act as the second set of experienced eyes to make sure nothing is overlooked during the procurement process.

Our team can also engineer, procure, inspect, and build custom designs with detailed analysis and fabrication drawings, class approvals and installation support.


  • Creating a detailed equipment specification list using your input or our engineers’
  • Completing the RFQ and establishing a preferred bidders list
  • Holding pre-bid meetings to clarify equipment requirements, answer questions, and resolve issues. Delmar team members will provide support for questions and clarifications.
  • Receiving and analyzing the quotes from selected bidders
  • Completing a comparison spreadsheet to assist in awarding contracts
  • Holding a post-bid meeting for final clarification of equipment vendor supply


  • Periodic supplier visits for quality control and progress monitoring
  • Expert verification the equipment is being built to the correct specifications
  • Final Acceptance Testing. Review all equipment upon delivery to the fabrication site
  • Fitting tests coordination and verification (mockups and/or samples)
  • Material coordination, including storage requirements, warehouse and laydown yard planning, and delivery sequencing of fabricated items to minimize storage duration and requirements
  • Transportation and Logistics Management, including specifying export packaging and monitoring shipment for timely delivery

Our equipment procurement process ensures you get the fit for purpose equipment for your project delivered when you need it while maximizing your purchasing power.

Equipment Procurement?