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Industrializing Floating Renewables: Stevadjuster and Deltracker

6 January 2022

The rapid rise of offshore renewables calls for new solutions. Vryhof believes in the mass deployment of floating renewables, and we want to help this industry move to a farm-scale level. Recently, we seized the opportunity to introduce two of our newest innovations on the TetraSpar Demonstrator project: the STEVADJUSTER® and the DELTRACKER® tracking system.


The TetraSpar project is the world’s first full-scale demonstration of an industrialized offshore foundation. It is carried out in a partnership between Shell, RWE, TEPCO Renewable Power, and Stiesdal Offshore Technologies. The TetraSpar foundation is a tetrahedral structure assembled from tubular steel components. It is expected to offer important competitive advantages with its potential for lean manufacturing, lean assembly and installation processes, and low material costs.

Bourbon Subsea Services took care of the installation. Watch their video of the installation process here.


The STEVADJUSTER® is an innovative, cost-effective and time-saving solution for chain adjustment, pre-tensioning of moorings and easy connection or disconnection of anchor lines. The entire operation takes place subsea and does not require the use of winches or other heavy equipment on the platform being moored. Therefore, the bollard pull of the vessels involved in the operation does not need to be prohibitively high. Modest installation or maintenance vessels have sufficient capacity to get the job done. The use of this subsea chain adjuster offers significant safety benefits, as the tensioning operation is performed away from the floater. Read more here.


DELTRACKER® is software used to track the life cycle and usage of mooring equipment. The TetraSpar Demonstrator takes roughly 115 components to be moored. Looking ahead at a farm-scale level, we might be dealing with over 6,000 mooring components per wind farm. A digital tracking system like Deltracker will be indispensable. DELTRACKER® is a stand alone software package with user specific dashboards, GUI interface, and easy to navigate framework for tracking all components of a mooring system on an individual component basis or a line-by-line basis. Read more here.


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