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25 August 2020

Delmar Systems has successfully completed 300+ mooring line releases with Delmar System’s RAR technology, including 238 releases with the newest generation RAR Plus.

The RAR Plus is an acoustic mooring line release enhanced with increased robustness and reliability to operate in the harshest environments in the world. Although rarely needed, a key feature of the RAR Plus is the completely independent mechanical backup release function that the rig can actuate without ROV or AHTS vessel support for ultimate reliability.

The RAR Plus is proving to be an effective cost-saving and risk mitigation tool for our customers in demanding environments across the globe.

“And we will work to ensure our customers receive the full benefit of releasable mooring systems by providing the most reliable solution in the market,” John Shelton, Delmar Systems' Vice President of Technical Services, said.

Delmar Systems' Releasable Mooring System relies upon the consistency and redundancy of the RAR Plus to ensure fast disconnections of self-propelled moored MODU’s without the need for AHTS vessel support.

The RAR Plus rig anchor release is used for ice avoidance, cyclonic storm avoidance, and improving rig-move efficiency. This new technology and industry-leading mooring philosophy is resulting in significant cost savings and carbon emission reductions.

RAR Plus Benefit Analysis

Used every day by many of the world’s major operators and drilling contractors, Delmar’s RAR Plus technology has saved millions of dollars and reduced NOx and CO2 emissions. With 500+ deployments and successful, non-assisted releases, the Rig Anchor Release (RAR) technology is proven and reliable.