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1 July 2020

Deep Sea Mooring was contracted by Diamond Offshore (DODI) to provide mooring services for a three-well campaign to be undertaken by the MODU ‘Ocean Apex’ off the North West Australian coast in water depths ranging from 120m to 830m.

For this campaign, Deep Sea Mooring used its capabilities to design and implement multiple mooring solutions (including the use of conventional, prelay and hybrid mooring designs) across three locations; Achernar-A, PLA07 and Julimar.

The Deep Sea Mooring team made use of invaluable past experience working on previous projects within close the proximity of PLA-07 and Julimar in order to provide a high-quality service which commenced with the rig’s tow from Singapore until the completion of the final well.

In addition to equipment, Deep Sea Mooring provided engineering and marine services, along with personnel (including rig movers, engineers and marine supervisors) to support the operations offshore.

The work executed during this campaign showcases Deep Sea Mooring is capable to operate efficiently in all water depths as well as areas with significant level of subsurface assets.

Where required, Deep Sea Mooring utilised Torque Matched Fibre Rope in order to provide an additional level of risk reduction when mooring lines were required to cross subsurface assets, while also assisting in improving rig wire lifetime.


Client: Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. (DODI)
Locations: Achernar-A, PLA07, Julimar
Period: April 2019 - September 2020
Main Contractor: Deep Sea Mooring
Products: 15mT STEVPRIS®Mk6, ADAPS, Torque-Matched Fibre Ropes, 82.55mm R5 Ground Chain, 14mT Subsurface Buoyancy and associated Jewelleries
Services: Provision of Engineering Design, Mooring Equipment and Personnel to support offshore operations (including prelay, hook-up, disconnection and recovery)