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DELTRACKER is Delmar Systems' proprietary software used to track the life cycle and usage of mooring equipment. DELTRACKER is a stand alone software package with user specific dashboards, GUI interface, and easy to navigate framework for tracking all components of a mooring system on an individual component basis or a line-by-line basis.

The software provides easy access to manufacturing certifications, inspection history and reports, usage history (both preset and connected) in a format which provides a simple, easy to navigate package allowing the user to quickly verify all mooring components in the mooring system are in compliance with inspection codes such as API RP 2I and regulatory requirements.

The program can be tailored to the specific needs of each individual user (company) providing alerts and simple red, yellow, green color coding of components alerting the user to any components which require inspection on a given time interval.  The frequency of inspection for various components is by default set to API RP 2I time intervals, but can be modified for individual inspection frequencies and criteria as defined by the client and their needs. This provides efficient prioritizing of inspection requirements so inspections can be conducted at times of opportunity, such as during rig moves, to ensure all components have valid inspections within the required time intervals.  The system will also alert if any equipment is missing required documentation per code or regulatory requirements such as manufacturing certifications, testing reports, and class documents.

Operators can use DELTRACKER to track equipment for a single location or for long duration campaigns with numerous locations, tracking the equipment from one location to the next as it is used over time.

Mooring equipment owners, such as drilling contractors, can use DELTRACKER to track the entire life cycle of their equipment from manufacturing to retirement.

With the advantage of being easily customizable, DELTRACKER can also be used for tracking and monitoring non-mooring related equipment as well.



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