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Global Subsea Services

Delmar Systems offers a full range of offshore subsea services, complete with expertise and resources that span industries and the globe.

Delmar Systems supports the installation of subsea equipment from multiple work platforms, including drilling rigs, anchor handling vessels (AHVs), and multi-service vessels. Our approach is to use and furnish standard rigging equipment to minimize the operator’s burden of acquiring material assets that will only be used for job-specific assignments. This allows the subsea development to be installed in conjunction with the drilling program, minimizing the need for specialized installation equipment.


With a proven track record of equipment installation and subsea construction assistance, Delmar provides the operator with a well-planned and safely executed offshore campaign. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Project management
  • Front end engineering design
  • Field development planning
  • IMR support
  • Production system installation
  • Pipeline Initiation
  • Subsea Foundations
  • Decommissioning
  • Emergency response
  • ICS training
  • Tabletop drill planning
  • Alternative energy

Project Management

In the offshore subsea services industry, project management experience and applying the lessons learned are crucial, especially when you desire continuous improvement in planning and execution. With over 50 years excelling in the offshore industry, Delmar Systems can effectively manage your subsea project from planning to scheduling to implementation. We routinely exceed industry expectations by using our vast offshore personnel experience to develop unique solutions to fit project-specific needs. Each project requires the use of innovative plans and flexible engineering while minimizing the reliance on unique and unproven equipment. Our ability to adapt and apply all aspects of our resources as the situation demands remains a key benefit to our engineering and execution.

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    Subsea Installation & Recovery

    Delmar Systems routinely installs and recovers subsea production equipment from both drilling rigs and anchor handling vessels (AHVs), offering flexibility and efficiencies in field development planning. We provide a variety of deepwater production system installation services including project management, front end engineering, equipment design, offshore installation, and emergency response. With a combination of innovative thinking and offshore experience, our team of engineers and offshore personnel deliver safe and efficient solutions that make us the industry-leading subsea services company.

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      Heave Compensated Landing System

      Delmar employs the Heave Compensated Landing System (HCLS) around the world to magnificent success. The HCSL is a safe, efficient, and cost-effective means for installing and recovering a variety of subsea components, ranging from construction to field maintenance activities. Using existing long-term chartered vessels, HCLS expedites development timelines and minimizes rig critical path of installation activities, as it allows equipment to be installed in close proximity to the drilling rig without jeopardizing drilling or completion activity. HCLS is the most effective compensation method available to the oil and gas industry for vessel-based equipment installation and recovery.

      • Isolation of Subsea Motion
      • Compress Development Schedule
      • Maximize SIMOPs
      • Maximize Rig Time
      • Use of Existing Resources

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        Emergency Response

        Delmar works directly with HWCG, MWCC, OSRL, and oil companies for planning and response efforts during inclement weather for offshore projects. Our subsea group provides practical and economically viable solutions for the installation and removal of subsea production equipment in cases of emergency well containment. We have conducted several emergency response studies and played an integral role in the capping stack demonstrations confirming industry readiness for response support.

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