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Subsea connector

Subsea Connector 

Rated for any water depth and type of chain, the ABS and DNV-classed Delmar Subsea Connector provides a simple and reliable mooring line connection solution that saves time and money.

Thanks to the world’s first patented male-female locking mechanism for mooring lines, you now only need one Anchor Handling Vehicle to deploy your anchors, which can greatly improve the efficiency and flexibility of your operation. With our legacy design, you can preset your anchors and mooring line attachment as needed and at your convenience.

Just as it serves as a convenient means of mooring line connection, the Delmar Subsea Connector serves as a simple means of disconnect for conducting unforseen mooring line repairs. You can employ this device to achieve increased flexibility for deepwater production vessels, enhance security for offshore wind farms and other offshore vessels, increase efficiency in installation and recovery of pipeline initiation piles, and improve the speed of subsea package recovery.

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QUESTIONS ABOUT the Subsea Connector?