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Avoid cutting or damaging your wires when buoyancy in mid‐line is required

The MoorLink patented wire clamp is specially designed and developed to fit buoyancy (surface or sub-surface) to six stranded mooring wires. Each inlet is conical shaped avoiding bending damage to the mooring wire. In order to prevent the clamp sliding along the mooring wire, while allowing the lay length to vary under tension, the inside (of each clamp-half) is coated with print off medium stiff polyurethane. The clamp is easily attached to the mooring wire and is designed to carry large size buoyancy in the built-in bow shackle, preventing the buoy pig tail from twisting around the mooring line. The wire clamp is rotationally stable and the swivel limits the torque effect which is built up in the mooring wire whilst under tension.

L (mm)530715941
D (mm)245290323
Wire size (mm)326092
Buoyancy support (mT)81020

Available for the following wire sizes  mm


Wire rope Mk7 clamps

The wire rope Mk7 insert clamp is designed for exchangeable wire imprint inserts and especially suitable for companies who want one wire rope clamp to fit several wire sizes.

Please note: Other sizes are available upon request.

Wire size (mm)32-4446-6064-7680-92
Buoyancy support (mT)881010

Wire stoppers

The Wire stopper comes in different shapes and forms depending on its intended function.

Please note: Other sizes are available upon request.

Wire Rope diameter (mm) 7684
D (mm)280293
L (mm)360360
W (mm)280293

Hang off clamps

Similar to the Wire stopper in its design, the hang-off clamp can be designed to fit any shackle or fitting. The Hang-off clamp comes in various sizes.

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