Side view of the RARPlus machinery

Equipment Innovations

With proprietary mooring line release systems, anchors, subsea connectors, handling tools, and more, Delmar leads the way in equipment and method innovations.

Delmar Systems recognizes the importance of developing and implementing superior and safe equipment for your critical mooring and subsea operations. Delmar will continue to lead the way with creative equipment solutions that fit the oil and gas industry needs for any region in the world.

Delmar's Releasable Mooring System

The Delmar Releasable Mooring System combines the proven mooring release technology of RAR Plus™ with efficient proprietary methodologies that come from completing over one thousand rig moves.

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    OMNI-Max Anchor

    As the most efficient anchor for preset mooring systems available today, the OMNI-Max Anchor offers a variety of performance characteristics and cost-saving efficiencies.

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      Subsea Connector

      Rated for any water depth and type of chain, the ABS and DNV-classed Delmar Subsea Connector provides a simple and reliable mooring line connection solution that saves time and money.

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        Our patented Heave Compensated Landing System (HCLS) provides a safe and cost-effective method for installing subsea components.

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