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Matthew Smith

VP - Global Mooring Advisor - Delmar Systems

Matt joined Delmar Systems in 1986 after starting in the mooring field with Tidewater Contractors and Int’l Moorings and Marine. He has served in all offshore positions with focus on crew superintendent and rig moving coordinator.

In 1996, Matt joined the team which opened the Delmar Systems Technical services office in Houston. International rig moving and special projects with the development of engineering support was the focus of the technical services business at that point. Matt moved to the position of VP – Operations in 1998 and held that position until be transitioned to VP – Global Mooring Advisor.

Some of the key technology developments with his direct involvement have been Delmar System’s suction anchor processes, the Omni-Max anchor procedures and subsea installations using anchor handling vessels. Having a career based in offshore operations, safety has been the paramount value along with building efficiency in field operations.