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8 March 2019

Delmar Systems has successfully installed the first set of RAR Plus units improving upon an extensive history of the RAR technology track record.

These nine state-of-the-art units were deployed on a moored semi-submersible in the Gulf of Mexico with Delmar Systems’ releasable MOOR-Max system.

The RAR Plus is the next generation of Rig Anchor Release (RAR), building on a 35-year history of proven acoustic release technology by adding key features such as a completely independent manual backup release method and increasing the ultimate and release load ratings. In addition, the RAR Plus can transmit both direct and indirect line tension measurements from internal sensors for real-time display onboard the rig in a user-friendly graphical user interface.

“We are excited to save our customers significant rig time and vessel time during rig disconnections with our MOOR-Max releasable system using RAR Plus technology,” said Delmar Systems’ Vice President of Engineering, John Shelton.

RAR Plus Benefit Analysis

Used every day by many of the world’s major operators and drilling contractors, Delmar’s RAR Plus technology has saved millions of dollars and reduced NOx and CO2 emissions. With 500+ deployments and successful, non-assisted releases, the Rig Anchor Release (RAR) technology is proven and reliable.