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2 July 2020

Vryhof delivers it's tangible turnkey mooring package to a broad offshore community; from oil and gas customers to asset owners and developers in the renewable energy sector, as well as to projects such as civil construction, large-scale aquaculture developments (offshore fish farms) and the downstream gas sector. In delivering, new sectorial knowledge is combined with oil and gas core mooring knowledge.

Proactive operational excellence methodology

For each of these market segments, Vryhof develops its own proactive operational excellence methodology. Each methodology is a combination of a number of smart management initiatives, embedded in the company’s strategic drive to offer our clients EPC project solutions that safeguard overall project schedules and cost estimates. This Smart Integrated Mooring Management (SIMM) seamlessly connects our in-house marine know-how with our structured approach to Project Management, with Specialist Support Resources and continuous improvement. It is a complete framework that allows Vryhof to meet all obligations by addressing each element of the management system as a whole rather than considering the individual standards and their separate requirements. This integrated approach helps us focus on our objectives by documenting the requirements and building the deliverables on paper, before committing expensive and scarce resources. SIMM generates information that greatly increases the level of confidence and communicates expectations more directly and better.

EPC contractor

Vryhof can be described as mooring system EPC contractor. Our core business is the manufacture and delivery of complete mooring systems while employing Project Management in the application of knowledge, skills, components and techniques, all aimed at resolving complex, interdependent activities. We adapt our approach to the context and limitations of each project, knowing that for all these different projects, there is no one size that fits all. For the installation element of the business, Vryhof delivers expert advice, skilled professionals and proven procedures. For actual execution of the installation element, we work closely alongside a number of partners all over the world. 

Integrated audits and assessments

Senol Ozmutlu, Vryhof's Projects Director: “We work according to unique methods for each project. This demands not only expertise and competence, but also expert management skills to help break down a project into more manageable chunks, in order to deliver on time, on budget and in accordance with the specified goals. The contractual needs, negotiation power, and creating a reliable and recognised supply chain are some other musts. All customer requirements are at the heart of everything we do. At the start of every project, these requirements are measurably defined and a reporting system is implemented to swiftly identify any bottlenecks that could hinder the successful realisation of the project. At regular intervals, operational progress meetings are organised to communicate the results and to identify opportunities for further improvement. If something is not running smoothly, it needs to be corrected through discussion. By conducting these integrated audits and assessments, we help cut the time it takes to implement specific activities, to eliminate interruptions and as a consequence to reduce costs.”

Leadership and reliability

Vryhof’s customer-focused approach have ensured that we deliver sustainable mooring solutions that maximise customer satisfaction while at the same time making energy transition economically viable. The result of this dedication is that to date, Vryhof has supplied the anchoring and mooring solutions used by around 90 per cent of all floating wind projects around the world.

The ability to deliver this integrated approach to businesses committed to long-term value creation is testimony to Vryhof’s leadership and reliability in each of these sectors. In particular our solutions in the floating energy sector allow us to accompany the various stakeholders on their energy transition journey, supporting them with our technologies and highly qualified expertise.

Challenging floating wind projects

Floating wind is one of the newcomers in the world of renewable energy. Vryhof has been and is currently involved in a series of challenging projects. It all started with mooring systems supplied to Statoil’s Hywind Demo 2.3MW spar prototype in 2009, and Principle Power’s 2MW semi-submersible prototype, one year later. The cumulative track record also includes the prestigious Fukushima Forward demonstration project in Japan, the first floating turbine in the US (VolturnUS), and Japan’s Skwid wind/wave project. More recently, Vryhof was involved in the Kincardine Phase I project and later also the WindFloat Atlantic project. This project marks an important milestone for the industry, as it is the first semi-submersible floating wind farm on the market. The anchors of second wind farm Kincardine Phase II have already been manufactured.

In 2020 Vryhof is also delivering the TetraSpar mooring package. This innovative floating foundation demonstration project is initiated by Stiesdal Offshore Technologies, Shell, and Innogy SE. The next in line is a multinational wave energy project close to Spain’s Canary Islands.


Vryhof takes care of executing the technical, production and administrative elements of large-scale floating wind projects. Senol Ozmutlu; “The larger scale floating wind farm developments mostly demand contractual and financial partnerships. We are in possession of cost-saving mooring technology with a proven track record. By excelling and expanding on our current partnership models  we are ready to respond to the next large assignment, as it arises. The world never stops evolving. And we love to work together for a better world.”