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Delmar's RAR Plus Achieves Remarkable Milestone with over 100 Rig Releases


12 March 2024

Delmar takes pride in announcing the achievement of over 100 successful rig
releases with the revolutionary RAR Plus mooring system. This significant
milestone was reached just days after the Ocean Endeavor marked its 100th rig
release last week, underscoring the system's robust performance and widespread
adoption within the industry.

The latest accomplishment took place in Norway, where the RAR Plus
demonstrated its efficiency by releasing a rig in an astonishing 52 minutes. This
swift and reliable mooring release technology has solidified the RAR Plus as the
industry's preferred choice, revolutionizing rig move efficiency, cyclone/hurricane
evasion, and iceberg evasion.

"With over 100 rigs utilizing the RAR Plus and 800 successful mooring line
releases, we are proud to lead the industry in providing cutting-edge technology
that enhances safety, reliability, and operational efficiency
," said John Shelton,
Delmar’s CEO.

The innovative mooring system has gained the trust of 16 different energy
companies and 10 drilling contractors, operating in diverse and challenging
environments worldwide. Its proven track record has made it a go-to solution for
operators looking to navigate some of the harshest conditions, demonstrating the
adaptability and resilience of the RAR Plus.

As the RAR Plus continues to redefine industry standards, Delmar remains
committed to advancing offshore mooring technology and contributing to a more
sustainable and efficient future for the energy sector.