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Another milestone for the Vryhof STEVSHARK REX

30 October 2023

In 2017, we unveiled the game-changing Vryhof STEVSHARK®REX, a drag-embedment anchor meticulously crafted to thrive in the most demanding soil conditions. Distinguished by its radical fluke and shank designs, the Vryhof STEVSHARK®REX offers unmatched anchoring strength, especially in challenging hard soil environments. Remarkably, within just a year of its debut, the Vryhof STEVSHARK®REX swiftly emerged as the undisputed industry standard for hard soil moorings.

Fast forward to 2023, and the saga of the Vryhof STEVSHARK®REX's success continues to evolve. A significant milestone has been reached with the introduction of a 66-ton version of this groundbreaking anchor with a unique extra ballast feature. This development further solidifies the Vryhof STEVSHARK®REX as a groundbreaking force in mooring technology.

The ballast is a simple add-on for a standard anchor, placed on the shank and hooking behind a single blade (stiffener) and the head. It is easily adjustable in terms of weight (thicker/thinner) and is held in place by a steel cable passing through secondary eyes on the head that pull the ballast against it.

Once the anchor is partially embedded (the ballast has already improved its initial burying behavior), the steel cable can be cut by an ROV. The ballast then rests loosely on the shank but can be pushed away by the soil, posing no obstruction to the soil flowing through the shank. The ballast block can be retrieved and reused on another anchor.

Leopoldo Bello, Managing Director of Delmar-Vryhof, expressed his pride in the anchor's achievements, stating, "Comparing our initial announcement in early 2017, we now have a proven track record that validates our claims. The Vryhof STEVSHARK®REX is undeniably the game-changer we promised. In today's fiercely competitive landscape, Delmar remains unwavering in our commitment to fulfilling our promises, ensuring the trust and loyalty of our valued customers. Our primary objective is to streamline our customers' operations and contribute to their success."

Kevin Nomen, Project Manager at Delmar Netherlands, underscored the anchor's swift delivery times, remarking, "On September 5, we received the purchase order for the first 11 anchors, and all were ready EXW by October 17, 2023. The final two anchors will be ready by October 27, but effectively, this translates to a lead time of six weeks from order to delivery.”

The Vryhof STEVSHARK®REX anchors will be deployed in the coming weeks at a Nearshore LNG Terminal project where they will be complemented by the Vryhof STEVADJUSTER®. Delmar is proud to see our technology enabling robust and cost-effective mooring solutions for the LNG Market.

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