Available Global Subsea Services

Delmar offers a variety of subsea services

Project Management and Front End Engineering

Delmar employee assisting in subsea service operations.

Project Management

With over 40 years experience in the offshore industry, Delmar Systems can effectively manage your subsea project from planning to scheduling to implementation, meeting your needs and goals.

Front End Engineering and Design

Delmar works jointly with operators, contractors, and regulatory agencies to provide fit-for-purpose equipment and installation methods. Our long history of offshore experience and safe job execution provides direct input from the field to the development planning stages, resulting in optimized, cost-effective installation and construction methods.

Subsea Component Installation and Recovery

Delmar construction and installation. Delmar’s engineering and operations personnel work closely with project execution teams to optimize the offshore work by using standard rigging, contracted vessels, and proven methods for safely and efficiently installing/recovering subsea equipment.
With Delmar’s proven track record of equipment installation/recovery and subsea construction assistance, our personnel provide the operator with a well-planned and safely executed offshore campaign.
Delmar’s installation/recovery experience includes:

  • Subsea tree
  • Well and flowline jumper
  • Tubing head spool
  • Manifold
  • Completion guide base
  • Equipment parking piles
  • Flowline pull-in
  • Dead man anchor systems
  • Pipeline towing
  • Pipeline remediation
  • Pigging loop/subsea launcher
  • Umbilical
  • Electrical and hydraulic flying lead

Specialty Equipment Design and FabricationDelmar subsea equipment installation and design.

Delmar’s engineering and fabrication experience allows us to develop specialized equipment that has been tested and certified to meet industry standards such as:

  • Production equipment parking piles
  • Pipeline initiation piles
  • SCR Holdback piles
  • Manifold lift frames
  • Suction piles
  • Jumper installation systems
  • Production equipment load plates
  • Overboarding skid plates

Our engineering and operations groups regularly work with major equipment suppliers to improve and enhance the functionality and interfaces between manufacturing and installation operations.

Field MaintenanceField maintenance.

Delmar supports producing fields with recovery options for subsea components. The cost-effective field maintenance allows operators the flexibility to retrieve, repair, or replace faulty or damaged subsea equipment without mobilizing costly construction or intervention vessels.

Delmar’s methods and systems enable components to be retrieved during the life of the field with an open water installation working from a smaller, more cost-effective AHV.

Emergency Response

Delmar’s subsea group provides practical and economically viable solutions for the installation and removal of subsea production equipment for emergency well containment. Delmar has conducted several emergency response studies and played an integral role in the capping stack demonstration with Shell to demonstrate Delmar’s well containment capabilities. The exercise involved mobilizing and deploying the capping stack to the seafloor in approximately 7,000 feet of water, latching it to a test wellhead, and pressurizing the system. The exercise was designed to test an operator’s ability to obtain and schedule the deployment of the supporting systems necessary for successful containment, including debris removal equipment and other oil collection devices.

For the capping stack exercise, Delmar Systems was tasked with the heavy lifting scope of the deployment and provided key equipment and technical expertise. Delmar also provided the suction parking pile that was used as a simulated well in the Gulf of Mexico. The capping stack was lowered with the Delmar Heave Compensated Landing System (HCLS) and latched to the simulated wellhead.

Installing this specialized containment device using an anchor handling vessel and typical mooring equipment confirms Delmar’s ability to provide timely and technically advanced solutions while making use of readily available marine assets.

Delmar pipeline construction. Pipeline Initiation Aids

Delmar continues to use its extensive knowledge of heavy lift rigging and offshore deepwater system to provide multiple options for deepwater pipeline construction while performing drilling and completion operations.

Delmar’s early involvement in construction planning and field development options enables the construction schemes to be suited to each contractor’s equipment and capabilities. The customization for installation contractors improves the efficiencies of the construction methods and reduces overall installation costs.
Delmar’s suction pile technology adapts to multiple initiation and hold back methods. The initiation method is therefore removed as a potential driving factor in the choice of the installation contractor.

Subsea Foundations

Subsea equipment installation.
Foundations for subsea equipment require iterative design progression working closely with engineering from multiple disciplines including structural, geo-technical, operations, and installation. The result is a solution that meets everyone’s needs and provides our customer with the highest quality product suited to the needs of the equipment.

Delmar has industry leading experience in both the design and installation of subsea foundations. Delmar has installed and recovered more suction pile foundations than any other contractor in the world.
Delmar designs a variety of foundations for a range of offshore applications. Delmar has designed, built, and installed suction piles for equipment foundations, parking and storage, initiation, and subsea lifts.