Delmar Moors and Installs LLOG’s Who Dat Facility

Workers preparing an anchor lifted by a crane

Broussard, Louisiana-based mooring contractor Delmar Systems, Inc. has completed preset mooring systems installation and facility connection operations of the Mississippi Canyon 547 “A” floating production facility as part of the WhoDat Field development for LLOG Deepwater Development Company, L.L.C.

Delmar provided project engineering for anchor/mooring system design, fabrication oversight, installation engineering, operation procedures, and installation services for the facility’s installation. Delmar also assisted LLOG and the facility designer/builder EXMAR in certification verification authority (CVA) review and regulatory approval for the mooring system.

In addition, Delmar procured, marshaled, and stored the twelve leg suction anchor, chain, polyester, chain mooring system at Delmar’s state-of-the-art 11-acre Fourchon dockside facility. The mooring legs were connected to the pre-installed suction anchors using Delmar’s patented subsea mooring connector. The Delmar subsea connector allows the mooring line to be easily connected to each preset suction anchor using a conventional anchor handling vessel (AHV) as opposed to larger, more expensive construction vessels that are normally used for permanent installations.

Delmar preset all twelve suction anchor mooring systems using a single conventional AHV. Once the facility arrived on location, Delmar connected the facility to the preset mooring systems using two conventional AHVs and supported by a field ROV support vessel. Facility connection operations were efficiently completed in seven days.

“Delmar was able to use existing contracted AHVs to drive maximum efficiency and cost savings for LLOG. We completed the project under budget and under the allocated time estimates. By making the best use of vessel tonnage and Delmar’s proven experience with AHVs, Delmar completed the project safely, without any accidents, injuries, or associated lost time,” said Brady Como, Delmar’s Executive Vice President.

Delmar Systems, Inc. is a leading supplier of offshore mooring-related services including engineering design, mooring analysis, project management, planning, operational installation and mooring equipment services, providing the safest and most efficient mooring services available to the offshore industry since 1968.