Heave Compensation System Useful to Subsea Installation

Delmar Systems, Inc. is now offering an engineered solution to the deepwater oil and gas industry for the safe, efficient and cost-effective installation of subsea components. The Heave Compensated Landing System (HCLS) provides a variety of subsea applications, including deployment of subsea trees, jumpers, tubing head spools, manifolds, sleds and...Read More

Delmar Receives Patent Approval on Installation Method

The U.S. Patent Office has awarded Delmar Systems, Inc. patent approval for its proprietary “Installation Method and Apparatus for Suction Anchor and Mooring Deployment and Connection.” This cost-effective proprietary methodology permits single anchor handling vessel-deployment of suction anchors separate and apart from the mooring line. This is a necessity when...Read More

Delmar, Shell Reach Record Mooring Depths

Delmar Systems, Inc. and Shell Exploration & Production Company established a world-record depth for moored vessels using the latest in mooring technology. The Transocean Sedco Forex 5th generation semi Deepwater Nautilus was moored in 8,009 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico with the deepest anchor at 9,100 feet....Read More

Delmar Delivers Taut-Leg Suction Anchor Mooring System to BP

Using extensive experience with semi-taut leg moorings in the Gulf of Mexico, Delmar Systems, Inc. delivered the Gulf of Mexico’s first pre-installed taut leg mooring system to BP’s Marlin field located at Viosca Knoll 915. The nine (9) leg suction anchor mooring system was engineered for the site-specific drilling location...Read More

Shell/Delmar “JIP” Completes Polyester Installation

Delmar Systems, Inc. played an integral role as part of a Shell Exploration & Production Company Joint Industry Project (JIP) tasked with installing synthetic moorings on a MODU in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to Delmar, Cordoaria Sao Leopoldo (CSL Ropes), Honeywell International, Inc. and Edison Chouest Offshore, Inc....Read More

Delmar, BP Install Suction Anchors on “Mad Dog”

Delmar Systems, Inc., used multiple mooring techniques to successfully moor a semi-submersible drilling rig for BP at its Gulf of Mexico “Mad Dog III” location. Due to the sloping nature of the sea floor, Delmar moored Diamond Offshore’s Ocean Victory at the 4,300-foot location using a combination of the rig’s...Read More

Delmar Completes Mooring Project for Royal Caribbean Cruises

Delmar Systems, Inc. played an integral role in installing a preset mooring system off the coast of Labadee, Haiti for the world’s largest cruise ship. Under contract with Royal Caribbean International, Inc., Delmar’s Gulf of Mexico-based anchor handling crews performed the installation of a 12-anchor preinstalled, all-chain mooring system for...Read More

Delmar Assists in Recovery of The Hunley

Delmar Systems, Inc. was contracted by Oceaneering International, Inc. to provide support services to recover the H.L. Hunley, a Confederate Civil War submarine, which sank in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Charleston, S.C. The submarine sank in 1864 following an attack during the Civil War. It was not...Read More

Delmar Expands Sales Capabilities

In an effort to promote the company’s technical capability and expand its international marketing efforts, Delmar Systems, Inc. recently added personnel to the technical/engineering division in its Houston office and added a sales consultant to the marketing staff in the United Kingdom. Evan Zimmerman joined the Delmar team as a...Read More

Delmar & Shell Deepwater Development Set New World Record

BROUSSARD, La. — Delmar Systems, Inc. and Shell Deepwater Development, Inc. set another world-record for mooring depth when the two companies partnered to moor the Transocean Marianas in more than 7,500 feet in the Gulf of Mexico. The semi-submersible drilling rig Marianas was moored in 7,569 feet in Mississippi Canyon...Read More