Bill Smart Joins Delmar Systems

Bill Smart has joined the Delmar Systems, Inc. global business development team. Based out of Delmar’s engineering and subsea office in Houston, Texas, Smart will be focused on developing existing and potential new clients’ knowledge of Delmar’s subsea services capabilities. Prior to joining Delmar, Smart served as Sales Manager for...Read More

Delmar Incident Free Operations in 2014

Delmar is continuing its long history of providing the global oil and gas industry the safest, most efficient mooring operations possible. Delmar has achieved 1.8 million plus man hours with no recordable or lost time incidents since September 2012—zero TRIR (total recordable incident rate). This is very rare in the...Read More

Next Generation of Mooring: the Delmar Quick Release

Delmar Introduces the Next Generation of Mooring: the Delmar Quick Release Continuing with its strong tradition of developing innovative mooring solutions, Delmar Systems introduces the Delmar Quick Release (DQR). The DQR is an in-line mooring component with a simple mechanical release that allows the rig to safely and efficiently offset...Read More

Delmar Celebrates 45 Years in the Offshore Industry

Delmar Celebrates 45 Years in the Offshore Industry Celebrating its milestone of forty-five years of serving the offshore industry, Delmar is one of a handful of oil and gas services companies under the same ownership and management as when founded. From humble beginnings in South Louisiana in 1968 when semi-submersible...Read More

Delmar Completes 2012 Arctic Campaign

Delmar Systems, Inc. recently completed the 2012 mooring services campaign for Shell Exploration’s two moored drilling rigs, the Kulluk and Noble Discoverer, in both the Beaufort and Chukcki Seas off the northern coast of Alaska. In early 2012, Louisiana-based Delmar Systems was awarded an EPCI (engineering, procurement, construction, and installation)...Read More

Delmar Receives Shell Green Contractor Status

Shell has awarded Delmar Systems, Inc. the status of being banded a “GREEN” contractor in their internal HS&E Management System Assessment. This status means that Delmar at least meets or in some cases exceeds HS&E expectations as a contractor to Shell. Shell’s detailed review process looks at all elements of...Read More

Delmar Sets New Conventional Record Mooring Depth

Delmar Systems, Inc., working with Murphy Exploration and Production Co., USA to moor Diamond Offshore’s semi-submersible drilling rig Ocean Victory, has set another conventional mooring record water depth of 5,675 feet in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) at Mississippi Canyon 819 (Thunderbird). The deepest of the eight (8) leg mooring...Read More

World Record Water Depth Set for Subsea Production Facility

Delmar Systems, Inc. continues to meet the challenges of the offshore ultra-deepwater projects. The sixth addition to the Na Kika host facility consisted of two subsea wells tied back from the Coulomb field. The C-2 well is 100% Shell owned, and the C-3 well is 2/3 Shell owned and 1/3...Read More

Delmar, Shell Reach Record Mooring Depths…Again

Delmar Systems, Inc. and Shell Exploration and Production Co. successfully moored the Deepwater Nautilus in 8,717 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico, breaking the previous mooring depth record by nearly 1,000 feet. In September 2003, Delmar moored the Transocean MODU at Alaminos Canyon 857, the Great White IV...Read More