Delmar Installs OMNI-Max Anchor in Record Time

set of large chains onboard a ship

Delmar Systems, Inc. successfully installed the first rig set of eight gravity-installed vertical load anchors (VLAs) in the Gulf of Mexico. The patented OMNI-Max anchors were installed at Eni’s Green Canyon 385 (Pegasus) location in June 2008 in approximately 3600′ water depth. All eight anchors were pre-deployed in a record 2 1/2 days in one vessel trip from the AHTS Alex Chouest and penetrated the seabed. The anchor lines were installed later and connected to Transocean’s MODU Amirante using Delmar’s patented subsea mooring connector to connect the preset polyester mooring lines to the rig’s self-contained mooring components.

“This anchor technology offers great benefit in ease and speed of installation. Smaller in size as compared to traditional anchors, some AHVs can carry a full rig set, reducing the number of trips to and from the dock, saving valuable mobilization time.

The OMNI-Max is capable of being loaded in any direction 360 degrees around the axis of the anchor. Under extreme loading and uplift angle conditions, the anchor will penetrate deeper into the soil to gain the needed holding capacity. This technology is an industry first that may allow damaged moorings to survive longer in the event of multiple line failure since the load angle can change without the capacity of the foundation being adversely affected.

By providing a more efficient anchor and installation method, Eni can save valuable time to moor MODUS among valuable seabed infrastructure and increase their seasonal operating window,” said Matt Smith, Delmar’s Vice President of Operations.