Delmar Uses Rig Anchor Release (RAR) Technology on GoM Rig

view of an oil rig from the deck of a ship

Delmar Systems, Inc. has completed mooring operations and successfully installed Delmar OMNI-Max® anchors with InterOcean’s proprietary Rig Anchor Releases (RARs) on each of the eight preset mooring lines on the semi-submersible MODU ENSCO 8503.

The OMNI-Max and RAR preset system was used to save critical path rig time during disconnect transit operations from offshore drilling sites at several locations in the US Gulf of Mexico. Using this system, along with Delmar’s efficient offshore execution, resulted in significant time savings during each disconnection operation. In addition, the OMNI-Max’s ease and speed of installation and smaller size saved valuable mobilization and preset installation time.

Using the Rig Anchor Release (RAR) gives the ENSCO 8500 class rigs the flexibility to compete for a number of operator selected projects by allowing the rigs to be used in both straight DP mode or moored mode. The rig is also able to quickly disconnect and move off location for a storm event, providing low-risk operations during hurricane/cyclone season.

“We designed a preset mooring system coupling the RARs with our OMNI-Max anchors, which enables the rig to efficiently disconnect and connect at the next location. DP rigs with mooring capability give the operators increased flexibility in selecting rigs for a variety of projects, whether deep or shallow water, while optimizing station keeping operations. This time savings and flexibility has proved to be a significant financial benefit to the operators,” said John Shelton, Delmar’s Engineering Manager.

InterOcean Systems LLC, an affiliate of Delmar Systems, Inc., designs and manufactures its proprietary RARs and other specialized oceanographic, environmental, and remote oil spill detection systems and equipment.

Headquartered in Broussard, LA, Delmar Systems has provided mooring and subsea installation services for over 48 years to every oil and gas region around the globe, with offices strategically located to serve the offshore industry in the world’s most challenging offshore environments.