R4 Grade Subsea Connectors are Now Available

set of large chains onboard a ship

From Delmar Systems comes a breakthrough for high MBL mooring systems. The Delmar Subsea Connector (DSC) with new R4 grade metals increases load capacity by up to 2,400 kips from the former R3 version.

The new R4 DSCs are scalable based on mooring load and range in size from 1,510 kips to 6,920 kips (6,717kN to 30,782kN). This is compared to the old R3 range of 1,000 kips to 4,500 kips (4,448kN to 20,017kN).

The DSC is paired with traditional mooring components such as chain, wire, or synthetic rope. And it can be used with any type of anchor or subsea foundation including suction piles, vertically loaded anchors (VLA), OMNI-Max® anchors, driven piles, drag embedment anchors, and plates in any water depth.

The R4 DSC has Product Design Assessment (PDA) approval from ABS and Type Approval from DNVGL for both materials and all scalable sizes for use in temporary and permanent mooring systems.

The Delmar Subsea Connector is the world’s first patented, classification society-approved, and ROV-actuated connector for both temporary (MODU) and permanent mooring systems.

Delmar’s DSCs are installed on a number of permanent mooring installation around the world. Since 1999, they have been the preferred industry solution for a variety of permanent mooring facilities.

Headquartered in Broussard, LA, Delmar has provided mooring and subsea installation services for over 47 years to every oil and gas region around the globe, with offices strategically located to serve the offshore industry in the world’s most challenging offshore environments. Delmar continues to be the leader in offshore mooring and subsea activities.