Delmar Quick Release Testing a Success

Back deck of a ship with anchors

The patent pending Delmar Quick Release (DQR) was successfully tested on a semi-submersible MODU located dockside at a shipyard in Brownsville, TX. The full-scale function test simulated the active winching release process of the rig hauling in its mooring line until the DQR assembly contacted the fairlead, triggered the release mechanism, and released the mooring line.

“We are pleased that the DQR function test was completed successfully, as it demonstrated the simple and reliable method a rig can use to self-release from its moorings”, said John Shelton, Delmar’s Engineering Manager. “We are looking forward to our next step with the new technology: a planned installation on a semi-submersible before the end of the year for a non-emergency full mooring system release with the objective of improving rig move efficiency.”

The DQR is an in-line mooring component developed by Delmar Systems with a simple mechanical release feature that allows a vessel to separate from its mooring system while the lines are under tension. The system allows the rig to safely and efficiently offset or depart from a moored location in an emergency, with or without the use of support vessels, alleviating the need for waiting on vessels to mobilize and arrive. The DQR can be used with any anchor foundation and allows for safe mooring of DP rigs as well as traditional moored rigs.

Delmar Systems received classification society approval from ABS and DNV for the design and manufacturing of the DQR, ensuring compliance with the strict industry standards for offshore mooring.

Delmar is continuing to be the industry leader with innovative technology supported by an in-house R&D team based in Delmar’s technical office located in Houston, TX.