Delmar Quick Release Technology Saves Critical Rig Path Time

Looking over yellow machinery on an oil rig

The proprietary Delmar Quick Release (DQR) was successfully installed and activated on a traditionally moored semi-submersible MODU in the US Gulf of Mexico. Eight DQRs were installed in an offshore mooring system and deployed for over 160 days in approximately 7800′ of water.

The DQR was used to save critical path rig time during transit from an offshore drilling site. Through detailed planning and efficient offshore execution, using the DQR resulted in approximately 3.5 days of saved rig time during disconnection operations. In addition, the DQR was used during weather that prohibited the use of the anchor handling vessel’s ROV, which would have further delayed the rig move schedule.

“The first use of the Delmar DQR has provided the experience and assurance that our manual mooring release will provide both operational efficiency and mooring diversification for drilling operations in the future”, said Matt Smith, Delmar’s Vice President of Operations. “Our thanks to the drilling contractor and operator for providing us the opportunity to prove this technology in a real work situation.”

The patent pending DQR is an in-line mooring component developed by Delmar Systems, Inc. with a simple mechanical release feature that allows a vessel to separate from its mooring system while the lines are under tension. The system allows the rig to safely and efficiently offset or depart from a moored location, with or without the use of support vessels, alleviating the need for waiting on vessels to mobilize and arrive. The DQR can be used with any anchor foundation and allows for safe mooring of DP rigs as well as traditional moored rigs.

Delmar Systems received classification society approval from ABS and DNV for the design and manufacturing of the DQR, ensuring compliance with the strict industry standards for offshore mooring.

Click here to see the rig activate the DQR