Shell/Delmar “JIP” Completes Polyester Installation

DelMar OffShore Mooring Systems and Subsea Services

Delmar Systems, Inc. played an integral role as part of a Shell Exploration & Production Company Joint Industry Project (JIP) tasked with installing synthetic moorings on a MODU in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to Delmar, Cordoaria Sao Leopoldo (CSL Ropes), Honeywell International, Inc. and Edison Chouest Offshore, Inc. participated in the Shell “JIP.”

The project involved mooring the Transocean Marianas in 6,180-feet on Shell’s Atwater Valley 113 location in 6,180’. Two of the semi-submersible rig’s eight leg mooring systems included 6000’ sections of 800-MT break-strength polyester mooring rope. In addition to the synthetic mooring rope, each of the two mooring legs consisted of 4000’ x 3 ¾” steel wire rope.

The synthetic inserts were deployed from a conventional anchor-handling vessel, the M/V Gary Chouest, using the Delmar Subsea Connector and single-vessel installation procedure. The connector allowed deployment and recovery of the mooring system by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). This successful installation and recovery illustrates that lighter weight synthetic ropes can be effectively used to safely moor mobile drilling units in ultra-deep water.

“Delmar is convinced semi-submersible rigs can be moored successfully in water depths of 10,000’ and beyond”, said Billy Bergeron, Delmar’s Suction Anchor System Project Manager. “This successful installation and recovery confirms the use of lighter weight synthetics in ultra-deep water mooring and it is evident their use will surpass current water depth limitations using traditional steel wire rope.”