Heave Compensation System Useful to Subsea Installation

3-D layout of a mooring ship

Delmar Systems, Inc. is now offering an engineered solution to the deepwater oil and gas industry for the safe, efficient and cost-effective installation of subsea components.

The Heave Compensated Landing System (HCLS) provides a variety of subsea applications, including deployment of subsea trees, jumpers, tubing head spools, manifolds, sleds and other subsea intervention tools. The HCLS has been used for both new field development and maintenance activities. Should the need occur during field life, the operator has the ability to service components with the use of an anchor handling vessel as compared to the traditional “construction or multi-service vessel” typically used in the past. The benefits to the operator are found in savings, by achieving component installation “off rig critical path” and by using a lower cost installation vessel resulting in accelerated “on line” production.

Delmar is a licensed user of this proprietary patented technology owned by Shell Oil Company (US Patent # 5,190,107). Working with Shell International E&P, Inc. on a recent ultra deepwater project, Delmar’s engineering team and offshore crews combined their unique operational expertise to enhance the implementation of the HCLS installation method.