Delmar Supplies Mooring Components to EG

Five mooring Cargo containers on a ship

Delmar Systems, Inc. was awarded a contract by Noble Energy EG, Ltd. to supply an eight-leg preset mooring system for use in Noble Energy’s “Aseng” Development off the coast of Equatorial Guinea, West Africa. Delmar provided Noble Energy a full compliment of mooring equipment including Delmar’s patented OMNI-Max™ anchors and Delmar Subsea Connectors (DSCs). All equipment has been successfully delivered to Noble Energy EG’s yard in Equatorial Guinea.

The patented Delmar OMNI-Max anchor is a gravity-installed vertically loaded anchor (VLA) that offers unique performance characteristics not found in other deepwater anchor foundations. The OMNI-Max anchor is capable of being loaded in any direction 360° around the axis of the anchor. This anchor technology offers a great benefit in the design of mooring systems that reduces risk to subsea infrastructure in the event of station-keeping damage or failure. This proven anchor concept has been deployed and retrieved on over 150 anchor locations.

The Delmar developed and patented DSC is used with MODUs (mobile offshore drilling units) and permanent mooring installations to allow single vessel deployment of anchors and mooring lines. The DSC provides for easy connect/disconnect capability with the use of a standard ROV.

“We are pleased that Noble Energy EG has chosen our mooring technology for their project. Our patented technologies have proven themselves as the safest, most efficient mooring solutions used in the offshore mooring industry,” said Delmar’s Executive Vice President, Brady Como.

Delmar Systems, Inc. is a leading supplier of offshore mooring-related services including engineering design, mooring analysis, project management, planning, operational installation and mooring equipment services, providing the safest and most efficient mooring services available to the offshore industry since 1968.