World Record Water Depth Set for Subsea Production Facility

yellow equipment being lowered into water by a series of ropes

Delmar Systems, Inc. continues to meet the challenges of the offshore ultra-deepwater projects. The sixth addition to the Na Kika host facility consisted of two subsea wells tied back from the Coulomb field. The C-2 well is 100% Shell owned, and the C-3 well is 2/3 Shell owned and 1/3 Petrobras owned. Delmar recently completed construction activities on the Coulomb development using the Heave Compensated Landing System (HCLS) to successfully install 10,000-psi production equipment from an anchor handling vessel (AHV) in 7,570 feet of water, establishing a new world record for installation. Delmar is a licensed user of this patented technology owned by Shell Oil Company (US Patent #5,190,107).

The Na Kika semi-submersible production facility is moored in 6,350 feet of water, the deepest for any installation of its type in the world. In its entirety, the Na Kika development consists of five independent fields—Kepler, Ariel, Fourier, Herschel, and East Anstey—which Shell and BP have developed with the installation of a centrally located, permanently-moored semi-submersible floating development and production facility. The Kepler, Ariel, and Herschel fields are primarily oil, while the Fourier and East Anstey fields are primarily gas. The sixth field, Coulomb, is primarily gas and is located in 7,570 feet of water. The Distinguished Achievement Award was presented to Shell/BP at the 2004 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas for the many milestones achieved throughout the Na Kika development.