Delmar Delivers Taut-Leg Suction Anchor Mooring System to BP

workers working with lines on the edge of a ship

Using extensive experience with semi-taut leg moorings in the Gulf of Mexico, Delmar Systems, Inc. delivered the Gulf of Mexico’s first pre-installed taut leg mooring system to BP’s Marlin field located at Viosca Knoll 915.

The nine (9) leg suction anchor mooring system was engineered for the site-specific drilling location adjacent to the Marlin Tension Leg Platform, presently operating and producing. The proximity to a full field production facility- combined with existing and planned pipelines and sea floor production equipment-prevented a conventional anchoring system. Delmar’s patented Subsea Connector and single vessel installation method permitted a cost efficient solution using a single AHV to pre-set the mooring components in advance of the arrival of Noble’s Jim Thompson semi-submersible drilling rig.

“BP’s selection of Delmar in providing the mooring system was based on our current technology, installation efficiency and vast experience in providing suction anchor mooring systems in the Gulf of Mexico,” said Evan Zimmerman, Delmar Chief Engineer. “To date, we have completed over 130 suction anchor installations and recoveries, an accomplishment that has been unmatched throughout the world.” The four (4) month “EPIC” contract included design engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation and connection activities. Delmar’s suction anchor technology continues to expand the field in which mooring rigs can operate, as evidenced by our innovative operational approach in determining the most cost-effective solution to a customer’s needs.