Delmar Systems, Inc. Successfully Completed First Ever Australian Disconnect Using RAR Plus Technology

HOUSTON, TX. – Delmar Systems, Inc. successfully completed the first-ever acoustic release in Australia of an 8-line mooring system using Delmar’s proprietary fully-redundant RAR Plus technology. The disconnect took place on the ultra-deepwater semi-submersible Maersk Deliverer. The Maersk Deliverer is currently under contract for a three-year drilling campaign in Western Australia. Delmar’s Releasable Anchor Mooring System will allow the drilling contractor to continue drilling into cyclone season with the unique ability to move off location quickly and without the need of AHTS assistance.


Delmar’s RAR Plus is the first-ever dual-release action (acoustic and mechanical) rig anchor release. The RAR Plus is unique in that it allows for immediate rig transit after release with the RAR Plus’ nested in their trigger sleeves against the rig fairlead. This eliminates the weather window requirement that is typical for AHTS operations during a traditional rig disconnect.


Andre Billstein, Delmar System’s Regional Manager Australia said, “The first RAR Plus release in the Australian region is a major milestone for Delmar. We look forward to continue working in this region and ensuring our clients receive the full benefit of the most reliable, technically advanced tool in a demanding and challenging Australian environment.”

The first disconnect of the three-year campaign was performed using both acoustic and mechanical release methods to show either form of use for future releases. The three-year campaign is scheduled to continue through 2023.




Established in 1968, Delmar Systems, Inc. is the world leader in offshore mooring and subsea services, providing the most efficient solutions for the global oil and gas industry. World-renowned for unmatched reliability and safety, the services provided by Delmar include engineering design, mooring analysis, project management, planning and procedures, operational installation, and mooring equipment rentals. Delmar Systems, Inc. is the owner and manufacturer of the patented RAR Plus technology.

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