Delmar, Shell Reach Record Mooring Depths…Again

Delmar Systems, Inc. and Shell Exploration and Production Co. successfully moored the Deepwater Nautilus in 8,717 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico, breaking the previous mooring depth record by nearly 1,000 feet.

In September 2003, Delmar moored the Transocean MODU at Alaminos Canyon 857, the Great White IV Prospect, using high strength, synthetic mooring rope connected to suction anchors. The deepest anchor was set at 9,391 feet. The previous record of 8,009 feet was set by Delmar and Shell in March 2002.

The as-installed mooring system consists of eight, 9’5″ diameter by 70′ long suction anchors embedded in the seafloor and attached to 9,000 feet of 6 1/4″ polyester mooring rope and 3,500 feet of 3 3/4″ steel wire rope.

The patented Delmar Subsea Connector connects the polyester and steel rope to the anchor. The polyester mooring rope is a lighter weight alternative to traditional steel wire rope. The reduced weight increases the rig’s variable deck load, permitting the rig to anchor in deeper waters.

Using state of the art mooring technology, the Deepwater Nautilus was installed with a preset mooring system, which reduces the rig-mooring time and provides excellent anchor positioning.

Once again, Delmar has proven themselves to be a leader in mooring technology and will meet the future demands of the deepwater industry.