Delmar Sets “Insert Wire” World Record Mooring Depth

Delmar Systems, Inc., working with Murphy Exploration Corp. to moor the semi-submersible drilling rig Transocean Marianas, has set another world record water depth of 5,710 feet in the Gulf of Mexico at Mississippi Canyon 734 (Thunderhawk). The deepest of the eight (8) leg mooring systems was located in 6,265 feet, a record in itself for a conventional anchor.

The world record depth was established using a combination of the rig’s self-contained mooring system of chain and wire, and 7,000 feet of insert wire connected to the rig’s high-holding power conventional anchor. Due to the water depth, Delmar also installed submersible buoys on each line to optimize the combination of the rig’s chain/wire and insert wire mooring system.

Edison Chouest, Inc. provided the anchor handling vessels, Dove and Edison Chouest, for this operation, incorporating Delmar’s insert wire installation methodology. This methodology allows for the vessels to coordinate roles on each mooring line deployment, minimizing vessel standby time.

This is not Delmar’s first claim to a world record as the Broussard, Louisiana-based offshore mooring company holds water depth records in conventional and suction anchor mooring, both with polyester and steel wire rope components.

“Delmar has been successful in developing innovative mooring methodologies and solutions to provide the industry with the means to work in extended water depths that at one time were considered unattainable for a moored semi-submersible.” said Brady Como, Delmar’s Executive Vice President.