Next Generation of Mooring: the Delmar Quick Release

Worker preparing an anchor about to drop in the ocean

Delmar Introduces the Next Generation of Mooring: the Delmar Quick Release

Continuing with its strong tradition of developing innovative mooring solutions, Delmar Systems introduces the Delmar Quick Release (DQR). The DQR is an in-line mooring component with a simple mechanical release that allows the rig to safely and efficiently offset or depart from a moored location in an emergency, with or without the use of support vessels. This allows the rig to be offset and leave location without waiting on vessels to mobilize and arrive.

The DQR can be used with any anchor foundation and allows for safe mooring of DP rigs as well as traditional moored rigs. Additionally, the DQR can be reconnected in the field without recovery to shore by simply replacing the shear pin and reinstalling the mooring line to the rig.

“The DQR enables DP MODUs with mooring capability to operate in shallow water and still quickly depart location under their own propulsion prior to a cyclonic event without needing support vessels to disconnect the moorings,” explains John Shelton, Delmar’s Engineering Manager. “This scenario expands the market and seasonality for these rigs and significantly reduces risk to surrounding infrastructure. The DQR also has application in Arctic moorings where it enables the MODU to escape a collision from approaching ice when ice management efforts dictate immediate rig departure from location.”

Delmar Systems received both ABS and DNV type approval for the DQR, verifying its compliance with the strict ABS and DNV standards for offshore use.

DQR Brochure