Delmar Receives Patent Approval on Installation Method

Delmar worker on the deck of a ship with engineering graphics

The U.S. Patent Office has awarded Delmar Systems, Inc. patent approval for its proprietary “Installation Method and Apparatus for Suction Anchor and Mooring Deployment and Connection.”

This cost-effective proprietary methodology permits single anchor handling vessel-deployment of suction anchors separate and apart from the mooring line. This is a necessity when installing synthetic-type mooring lines and provides benefits when handling conventional steel wire mooring systems, according to Brady Como, Delmar’s Executive Vice President.

Delmar developed this method for the presetting and deployment of ultra deepwater moorings using suction anchors in water depths up to 9,100 feet. Using this proprietary method, Delmar has set a number of world-record mooring depth installations on MODUs.

This installation technology is made possible by using Delmar’s patented subsea mooring connector (U.S. Patent #6,158,093). This two-part connector allows for the connection of the male and female parts to the mooring line and anchor with the assistance of a conventionally deployed ROV from the AHV.

“This innovative technology has applications in permanent mooring installations (FPSOs, Spars and FPUs) whereby installation contractors can use smaller constructor type vessels to install mooring systems,” Como said. “This is possible because the anchor foundation can be installed without the mooring line attached. Should the need occur during field life, the owner/operator has the ability to use smaller AHVs to perform mooring line change out without disturbing the anchor foundation.”