ABS Issues PDAs for Delmar’s Offshore Equipment

Group of 5 Delmar workers working with a rope

Delmar Systems, Inc. has received a Product Design Assessment Certificate (PDA) for the OMNI-Max™ Mk2 anchor from ABS. Delmar’s proprietary OMNI-Max gravity installed anchor was reviewed by the classification society to assess the anchor’s design compliance with ABS standards.

“The ABS design review and approval demonstrates continued commitment to assure Delmar’s equipment meets or exceeds the most stringent rules and regulations for offshore use. In today’s most demanding requirements, Delmar’s OMNI-Max anchor technology has proven to be a reliable tool for deepwater mooring. In over 150 anchor deployments used to moor semi-submersible drilling rigs, this anchor with its relative small size, and high uplift out-of-plane loading capabilities offers the industry the most efficient and reliable mooring foundation available on the market today,” said John Shelton, Delmar’s Engineering Manager.

Delmar Systems, Inc. also received revalidated PDAs for the Delmar Subsea Connector from ABS. Originally approved in 1999, the revalidated PDAs are based on compliance with revised ABS rules and regulations.

The Delmar Subsea Connector is classified by ABS as a chain accessory. As of July 1, 2011, all offshore mooring chain and accessories are required to comply with the ABS Guide for Certification of Offshore Mooring Chain, 2009. Delmar Systems, Inc. began the process of revalidating its existing PDAs in March 2011.

In order to obtain the revalidated PDAs, extensive material and load testing was conducted to meet the stringent requirements documented in the ABS Guide for Certification of Offshore Mooring Chain, 2009. All required testing was completed and delivered to ABS in May, 2011.

In July 2011, Delmar supplied mooring connectors meeting this new PDA requirement on the WhoDat Field development project for LLOG Deepwater Development Company, L.L.C. The mooring legs were connected to the pre-installed suction anchors using ABS-approved Delmar Subsea Connectors. The Delmar Subsea Connector allows the mooring line to be easily connected to each preset suction anchor using a conventional anchor handling vessel (AHV) as opposed to larger, more expensive construction vessels that are normally used for permanent installations.

The OMNI-Max Mk2 anchor and Delmar Subsea Connector PDA Certificates are valid until September 7, 2016 or until the rules or specifications are revised by ABS.

Delmar Systems, Inc. is a leading supplier of offshore services including marine engineering and design, mooring system and foundation analysis, project management, procurement, planning, operational installation, and mooring equipment services, providing the safest and most efficient mooring services available to the offshore industry since 1968.