Delmar Sets New Conventional Record Mooring Depth

Delmar Systems, Inc., working with Murphy Exploration and Production Co., USA to moor Diamond Offshore’s semi-submersible drilling rig Ocean Victory, has set another conventional mooring record water depth of 5,675 feet in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) at Mississippi Canyon 819 (Thunderbird). The deepest of the eight (8) leg mooring systems was located in 5,930 feet, a record in itself for a conventional anchor. The GOM record depth was established using the rig’s self-contained mooring system.

SEACOR Marine provided the anchor-handling vessel, Gerard Jordan, for this operation, incorporating Delmar’s permanent chain chaser methodology.

This is not Delmar’s first claim to a record as the Broussard, Louisiana-based offshore mooring company holds water depth records in insert wire and suction anchor mooring, both with polyester and steel wire rope components.

“Delmar continues to develop and execute the most innovative efficient mooring solutions to reach the deep and ultradeep waters here in the Gulf of Mexico and around the world,” said Matt Smith, Delmar Vice President and Chief Operations Officer. “Since 1968, Delmar has been recognized as the leader in serving the offshore oil and gas industry and will continue this commitment. We pride ourselves on this reputation and the opportunity it affords us to participate with other companies in order to accomplish world record milestones.”