Delmar Delivers Perdido MODU Moorings

Boat towing an oil rig in the ocean

Delmar Systems, Inc. under an EPCI (Engineer, Procure, Construct, Install) contract with Shell Exploration & Production Co., Inc., delivered preset MODU (mobile offshore drilling unit) moorings for the Perdido Deepwater Development located in Alaminos Canyon, Gulf of Mexico. Using the latest in deepwater mooring technology, Delmar provided multiple mooring systems for this development drilling project.

The new build 5th generation semi-submersible Noble Clyde Boudreaux was contracted by Shell to begin development drilling operations using preset moorings in multiple pattern locations in Alaminos Canyon Block 857 in 9,000+ feet. The mooring systems consist of high-strength polyester mooring rope, connected to vertically loaded anchors (VLAs).

The rig is initially connected to 16 preset polyester mooring lines attached to the seafloor using 10,000’ of 7 3/8” polyester mooring ropes and 2,000’ of 4” steel wire rope. The polyester/steel wire rope systems are connected to the VLAs via the patented Delmar Subsea Connector, permitting easy connect/disconnect functions as the rig moves between multiple Alaminos Canyon field locations. The lighter weight mooring rope is essential to increasing the rig’s variable deck load, a major consideration in safely and efficiently mooring a rig in these ultra-deepwaters.

“This was a massive amount of equipment sourced from suppliers around the world, delivered on time and within budget. The ability to moor conventional semis in these waters and beyond has been non-existent until Shell and Delmar fully developed and tested this technology. Shell, working closely with Delmar’s technical and operational teams, played a major role in making this a success in achieving this milestone in ultra-deepwater,” said Brady Como, Delmar’s Executive Vice President.