Delmar Systems is a winner of the 2018 OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award

We are are excited and proud to be recognized by OTC for our innovative design and development of the new RARPlus! Our RARPLUS technology gives drilling rigs the capability to completely release from their moorings within minutes to evade ice floes, cyclonic storms, well emergencies, or to simply increase rig...Read More

Delmar Successfully Completes First Deployment/Installation of Nine New RAR Plus™ Units

BROUSSARD, La. – Delmar has successfully installed the first set of RAR Plus™ units improving upon an extensive history of the RAR technology track record. These nine state-of-the-art units were deployed on a moored semi-submersible in the Gulf of Mexico with Delmar’s releasable MOOR-Max™ system. The RAR Plus is the...Read More

Delmar Uses Rig Anchor Release (RAR) Acoustic Technology on DP/Moored Capable Rig

Delmar Systems, Inc. has completed mooring operations and successfully installed Delmar OMNI-Max® anchors with InterOcean’s proprietary Rig Anchor Releases (RARs) on each of the eight preset mooring lines on the semi-submersible MODU ENSCO 8503. The OMNI-Max and RAR preset system was used to save critical path rig time during disconnect...Read More

Delmar Quick Release Proven Offshore – Saves Critical Rig Path Time

The proprietary Delmar Quick Release (DQR) was successfully installed and activated on a traditionally moored semi-submersible MODU in the US Gulf of Mexico. Eight DQRs were installed in an offshore mooring system and deployed for over 160 days in approximately 7800′ of water. The DQR was used to save critical...Read More

R4 Grade Subsea Connectors for High Strength Offshore Moorings Now Available

From Delmar Systems comes a breakthrough for high MBL mooring systems. The Delmar Subsea Connector (DSC) with new R4 grade metals increases load capacity by up to 2,400 kips from the former R3 version. The new R4 DSCs are scalable based on mooring load and range in size from 1,510...Read More

New Spooling Unit Available in Delmar’s Equipment Yard in Karratha, Western Australia

A new 170 mT state-of-the-art spooling unit is now available at the Delmar Systems Pty. Ltd. equipment yard in Karratha, Western Australia to support mooring-related operations. This spooling unit is the largest available in the region and ideal for the increased size and length of rig and anchor handling vessel...Read More