Delmar Uses Rig Anchor Release (RAR) Technology on GoM Rig

Delmar Systems, Inc. has completed mooring operations and successfully installed Delmar OMNI-Max® anchors with InterOcean’s proprietary Rig Anchor Releases (RARs) on each of the eight preset mooring lines on the semi-submersible MODU ENSCO 8503. The OMNI-Max and RAR preset system was used to save critical path rig time during disconnect...Read More

InterOcean Systems, Inc. joins Delmar Systems, Inc.

The ownership of Delmar Systems, Inc., a worldwide supplier of offshore mooring and subsea services, announces an expansion of products and services with the acquisition of privately owned InterOcean Systems, Inc. InterOcean will be operated as an affiliated entity of Delmar. Since 1946, InterOcean Systems is the leader in the...Read More