Delmar Completes 2012 Arctic Campaign

Ship using a crane to lower equipment into the ocean

Delmar Systems, Inc. recently completed the 2012 mooring services campaign for Shell Exploration’s two moored drilling rigs, the Kulluk and Noble Discoverer, in both the Beaufort and Chukcki Seas off the northern coast of Alaska.

In early 2012, Louisiana-based Delmar Systems was awarded an EPCI (engineering, procurement, construction, and installation) contract by Shell Alaska for various facets of the mooring operation including detailed mooring system engineering and design, procurement, and construction and installation of the Kulluk’s 12-leg mooring system and the Noble Discoverer’s 8-leg mooring system. Delmar was responsible for overall project management, coordination, and logistics planning to stage the required mooring hardware and preset mooring system installation during the summer drilling program.

Delmar technical and operational personnel worked jointly with Shell’s technical personnel to design a mooring system capable of operating in the Arctic’s most challenging conditions. Delmar’s innovative mooring design and mooring system greatly enhanced Shell’s ability to moor and unmoor quickly as weather and ice flow conditions dictated. In addition, Delmar coordinated the procurement, shipping, and staging of all required components for dockside delivery to Port Everett, WA and ultimate mobilization to the North Slope for the anticipated July offshore installation.

Ice and weather conditions always present challenges to offshore operations. Delmar worked alongside many other third party service providers, including an upgraded winterized vessel fleet, sophisticated ice and weather forecasting, and survey personnel to overcome these challenges in this remote environment.

An important priority was assuring the safety of all personnel during mooring and vessel operations with the highest regard for the offshore Arctic environment. Delmar performed all operations without incident during the entire summer season.

Delmar Systems, Inc. is a leading supplier of offshore mooring-related services including engineering design, mooring analysis, project management, planning, operational installation, and mooring equipment services, providing the safest and most efficient mooring services available to the offshore industry since 1968.