Delmar Installs 100th OMNI-Max Anchor

Two men on the deck of an oil rig overlooking the ocean

Delmar Systems, Inc. successfully installed its 100th OMNI-Max anchor in the Gulf of Mexico this November at an East Breaks location in a water depth of 950′. First installed for offshore use in the Gulf of Mexico in 2007, Delmar’s OMNI-Max anchor has since effectively moored four MODUs for three operators at 12 Gulf of Mexico locations in water depths ranging from 950′ to 3800′.

The patented Delmar OMNI-Max anchor is a gravity-installed vertically loaded anchor (VLA) that offers unique performance characteristics not found in other deepwater anchor foundations. The OMNI-Max anchor is capable of being loaded in any direction 360° around the axis of the anchor. Under extreme loading and uplift angle conditions, the OMNI-Max anchor will penetrate deeper into the soil to gain needed capacity. This anchor technology offers great benefit in the design of mooring systems that reduce risk to subsea infrastructure in the event of station-keeping damage or failure.

“Since the first OMNI-Max anchor was installed and connected to a MODU, Delmar has been optimizing the installation process and calibrating the predictive tools with actual field data. As a result, we offer a reliable anchor that is extremely efficient to install and move to new locations frequently even with smaller anchor handling vessels (AHVs). Through 100-plus installations and the Hurricane Gustav experience in September of 2008, the OMNI-Max anchor has been proven as a dependable foundation even in extreme out-of-plane loading scenarios. The Minerals Management Service (MMS) recognizes the OMNI-Max anchor as an excellent tool to minimize risk to valuable subsea infrastructure,” says John Shelton, Delmar Project Manager.