Permanent Mooring Facility.

Permanent Mooring Systems

Delmar Systems has been in offshore moorings for over half a century and has centuries of combined personnel experience securing your floating structures.

Industry-Leading Methods and Solutions for Permanent Mooring Systems

Delmar Systems produces innovative methods that ensure cost-effective solutions for your facilities and vessels in water depths from 100-ft to 10,000-ft deep. We accomplish this by assisting you in every stage of the permanent mooring process.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes the following:

  • Conceptual and FEED
  • Detailed Engineering Design and Analysis
  • Non-linear Polyester/Synthetic Component Mooring Analysis
  • Certified Verification Agent (CVA) Interface
  • Installation Planning and Procedures
  • On-Vessel Mooring Equipment Specification and Layout Support
  • Towing Mobilization and Analysis
  • Anchor Installation and Prelay
  • Equipment Procurement and Marshalling Services
  • Connection and Proof Loading
  • Project Management
  • Offshore Personnel and Vessel Management
  • Installation Vessel Selection and Contracting
  • Offshore Execution and Support
  • Inspection and Maintenance
  • Tow Out and Demobilization
  • Decommissioning Services
  • Emergency Response

With our in-depth operational and engineering experience in all manner of deepwater environments, Delmar Systems delivers efficient results for the new generation of permanent mooring systems being designed today.

Delmar’s in-depth operational and engineering experience with deepwater mooring systems has great relevance for the new generation of permanent mooring systems being designed today.

Our Permanent Mooring Projects

  • LLOG WhoDat (OPTI-EX) ‐ Mooring system and equipment design, analysis, procurement, marshaling, and installation (EPCT)
  • Anadarko Independence Hub – Oversight of suction pile design and fabrication, offshore installation consultant, and decommissioning planning
  • Exxon Serpentina FPSO – Replacement mooring system design, analysis, equipment procurement, and installation (brown field solution)
  • Anadarko Neptune Spar – Top chain changeout operations planning and offshore consultants
  • Shell Auger TLP – Lateral Mooring System (LMS) Spiral strand wire replacement planning and offshore execution, including installation vessel contract and global LMS mooring analysis with tendon effects
  • Inpex Ichthys CPF – Procurement and installation planning and support
  • Exxon Erha FPSO – Suction pile anchor design
  • Exxon Hadrian North – Mooring system design and analysis FEED
  • Shell Appomattox – Mooring system design and analysis FEED with soil filter barrier field testing
  • LLOG Delta House – Soil filter barrier field testing
  • Hess Stampede TLP and Chevron Bigfoot TLP – Wet tow‐out planning and execution support
  • Delmar Subsea Connectors – Supplied permanent subsea connectors and class interface to Barracuda Caratinga, Devils Tower, Bijupira Salema, Independence Hub, Stybarrow, Azurite, and Who Dat

Delmar Subsea Connector

The Delmar Subsea Connector (DSC) allows for the separate installation or recovery of the anchor and mooring leg, which reduces costs and risks for both the installer and the operator. With our ability to disconnect at the anchor to periodically inspect mooring leg components, we can improve inspection, maintenance, repair, and mooring integrity management. This increased insight and enhanced analysis helps lower costs and allows for the use of shorter-life materials.

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    Permanent Mooring Engineering and Project Management Team

    Delmar Systems has extensive expertise and experience in permanent mooring systems. Our engineering and project management team offers the following services:

    • Emergency mooring and stationkeeping response
    • Wellhead Containment and Contingency Bias-Line Design and Analysis
    • Project and product design, from preliminary planning to final execution, including necessary Classification Society approvals
    • Selection of mooring equipment and installation methods for lowest life-cycle cost
    • Management of procurement activities, including preparation of detailed specifications
    • Full-spectrum design and project management services
    • Suction anchor design and fabrication
    • Specialty equipment design and manufacture
    • Quality Assurance and Project Oversight

    Manufacturing, Materials, and Experience for Your Mooring Needs

    Creating and sustaining a prominent production facility requires a considerable level of capital investment. It is critical that your business uses only the best, most efficient methods of permanent mooring design and installation.

    Thanks to our substantial supply of tested-and-true products and long-standing relationships with foundries, forging facilities, fabrication yards, testing facilities, and global shipping and customs agents, Delmar Systems is well-equipped to bring added efficiency to any permanent mooring project around the globe. From repeated work installing mobile offshore drilling units and other long-term facilities to enhanced sound engineering capabilities, we have the experience you need for your project to be a success.