Permanent Mooring Facility.

Permanent Facility Mooring

Delmar produces innovative, practical methods and solutions for permanent mooring systems on floating structures. We also work with you in all stages of permanent facility mooring. We perform the design, CVA and regulatory approval, procurement management, staging, marshalling, and installation.

Delmar’s in-depth operational and engineering experience with deepwater mooring systems has great relevance for the new generation of permanent mooring systems being designed today.

The Delmar Subsea Connector (DSC) allows separate anchor and mooring leg installation, which reduces cost and risk for both the installer and the operator. Furthermore, the ability to disconnect at the anchor and periodically inspect the mooring leg components offers possibilities with regard to inspection, maintenance, repair, and mooring integrity management. This ability to inspect, maintain, and replace leads to the further possibility of lowering costs and using shorter life materials.

Delmar’s engineering and project management team has the expertise and experience to provide a broad range of services for permanent mooring systems, encompassing the following activities:

  • Preliminary design through to final design including necessary Classification Society approvals
  • The selection of mooring equipment and installation methods for lowest life-cycle cost
  • Management of procurement activities, including preparation of detailed procurement specifications
  • Full design and project management services
  • Suction anchor design and fabrication
  • Specialty equipment design and manufacture
  • Installation and supervision

Considering the level of capital investment a production facility requires, the ability to use efficient methods in design and installation can become even more critical. The experience from repeated MODU and permanent facility mooring projects and sound engineering capability makes Delmar well-equipped to bring added efficiency to permanent mooring projects.