Delmar Del-3DM™ is a mobile tool that provides insight into the towing and mooring operations of floating facilities in the pre-job planning phase. The purpose of this tool is threefold— training, hazard assessment, and competency evaluation. Del-3DM is composed of a series of custom software modules that are built around an industry proven calculation engine, OrcaFlex™. These modules include:

  • Arrival on/departure from location
  • Running/recovering conventional anchors
  • Winching/kedging
  • Preset connect/disconnect
  • Proof tensioning

The software modules are housed within a graphical user interface (GUI) designed to streamline input and display output mimicking readouts available on the rig. Site-specific missions are created that target the critical aspects of a particular rig move. Basefiles are generated in OrcaFlex that incorporate the client provided AutoCAD® drawings showing bathymetry, pipelines, existing infrastructure, and other avoidance areas in three dimensional space.