Deep Cat


Building upon over a decade of experience with Starfix.Moor, Delmar and Fugro have developed the next generation of real-time 3D mooring visualization software.  The innovative tool brings a continuous real time cable dynamics physics engine into the offshore surveying space. This breakthrough in technology improves upon other commercially available tools that rely on static catenary engines to determine the profiles of the mooring lines.  With DeepCat, mooring line dynamics are captured in real time resulting in robust handling of dragging components on the seafloor, rate dependent current drag, and inertia. This technology delivers confidence to operators and insurers that the risks of the project are being proactively and effectively minimized while also providing a permanent 3D record of the entire operation.  DeepCat has been developed as an integrated bolt on module within the Fugro NG surveying suite.

You can benefit from DeepCat at every stage of your project:

  • Identify potential obstacles and hazards during planning.
  • Increase safety and efficiency development and life-of-field planning.
  • Get real-time analysis into the cause and effect of earlier events in the deployment process.

You can even predict near misses before they happen to prevent damage to high value subsea assets with a continuous calculation engine that models mud-loops, drags, and snags in the seafloor.

Download the DeepCat Brochure